Ministry is changing. Rapidly. We shouldn’t be surprised as God’s people have always lived within dynamic, diverse and differentiated societies.

Anglicans have sometimes noticed these differences and endeavoured to change in appropriate ways. Some have been bold and adventurous, reimagining Anglicanism in bright and colourful ways while others have endeavoured to uphold our heritage as the basis for faithful ministry.

The variety of proposals that have emerged are bewildering and conflict often emerges between faithful Christians. Nevertheless, we believe that diversity and difference is central to our growth and development as God’s people and as a Church because no one has a monopoly on all the answers.

This website aims to provides a forum for discussion by Anglicans across the Australian dioceses and resources to help them think about the nature and practice of ministry. It will therefore:

  • highlight our common challenges;
  • explain our differences, both theological and practical; and
  • identify the opportunities for ministry development.

We follow a God who is endlessly inventive and generous, compassionate and just. Our ministry reflects His Kingdom and is the outworking of His mission. Yet, our work is always subject to our human limitations. Consequently, we struggle not only with our growing diversity but also significant pressures arising from diminished resources, both human and financial. It can seem that our opportunities and capacities are diverging at times. This should be cause not for being disheartened or dispirited but for prayer and hopefulness as Christ’s work is not done yet.

This site has been developed by the Ministry and Mission Commission of the Anglican Church of Australia. The commission is a group formed to examine questions of ministry and mission by the General Synod to consider all matters dealing with the competency of ordained and authorised lay ministry referred to it by the Primate, the Standing Committee or the General Synod.

The Commission is comprised of the following members:

The Right Reverend Dr Stephen Pickard (Chair)
The Venerable Dr Wayne Brighton
Mr Paul Cavanough
The Reverend Mark Charleston
The Reverend Zoe Everingham
Mr Michael Ford
The Right Reverend Ivan Lee
The Right Reverend Alison Taylor
Miss Jane Tooher
The Reverend Richard Trist
Ms Sue Williams
The Reverend Dr Max Wood
The Right Reverend Trevor Edwards (Consultant)

The views expressed on this site belong to each respective author. They do not necessarily reflect the opinion of either the Ministry and Mission Commission or the Anglican Church of Australia unless endorsed by means of an official publication, resolution or General Synod Canon.


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